The MoreTalent™ leadership workshop will drastically increase the executives’ ability to lead with strategic clarity and build powerful interconnected relationships as the cornerstone of their organizational effectiveness.

Effective leadership for corporate

Comprehensive 2-Day Agenda

Quickly learn to navigate the complex executive landscape and develop the ability to lead with absolute clarity.


Executive Awareness
Understand the key players in your executive habitat, build powerful partnerships, get into the pulse of the organization

Executive Communication
Clearly communicate purpose and manage perception, illustrate what success looks like, People first!, know what emails matter and when

Executive Strategy and Healthy Change Management
Formulate sustainable strategy, position strategy for successful implementation, understand the forces against your strategy and navigate proactively, the strategic management model

Organizational Ownership and Accountability
Understand your organization’s culture, spotting and changing problem culture, measure success and outcome

Fine-tune executive partnerships and impact the cultural DNA in pursue of corporate profitability and strategic business impact.


Executive Awareness – Part 2
Situational leadership model, building strategic partnerships, manage perception and reality of success, project executive clarity

Executive Decision Making
Clear and concise decisions, challenge assumptions, trust but verify, validate results, commend precision and outcome

Build and Lead Healthy Organizations for Profitable Outcomes
The organizational DNA, deliver more results faster today, enable the organization to win, customer-driven and metric-centric organizational leadership as strategic asset

Leading Technology Adoption and Solution Creation
Know what you don’t know, spotting risk early, executive technology disruption, know your numbers to lead with clarity



Current Events:

September 4-5
The Wisconsin Club
900 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233
8:30 – 4:30 Daily

Download workshop brochure with email template for approval by manager.

Future Events:

October 22 – 23
Milwaukee, WI

November 12 – 13
Chicago, IL

“We took out the pseudo-academics and designed a workshop based on real-world experience that will help you be a more effective executive leader today. Plus, you’ll be part of a network with some of the best executives in the country.”
~Oliver Degnan, CEO, MoreTalent™

Real Executive Coaches

MoreTalent™ leverages real-world executives with a proven track-record in leading complex and innovative organizations.

Oliver Degnan, MBA


Visionary leader with extensive experience in healthcare administration and commercial healthcare product innovation. Holder of multiple technology patents and author of the executive leadership workshop series Leading with strategic clarity®.

Dr. Bill Mitchell


Bill is known for his success in helping develop organizations with value-based cultures through exceptionable strategic planning. He is an executive leadership coach with over 25 years experience in business leadership and business growth strategy.


how can i justify this workshop?

This workshop will help you immediately to lead your organization more effectively and execute o the set business strategy.

why is the workshop so expensive?

Considering the added impact you will have on your business, we know this course will pay for itself the day you return to work.

why is this workshop different?

This workshop is designed and presented by real-world working senior executives with a proven track-record of leading successful organizations and build out top talent quickly. 

how can i get a discount?

Get your peers and direct reports to register with a 15% discount code you will receive in your email after your initial registration. 

what else do i get out of this workshop?

Our workshop has been designed to help you network effectively with other executive peers in the industry for continuous mentorship access.

what if i don't like the workshop?

We will refund 50% of your registration fee in the event you believe you didn’t get any value out of this workshop.

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