Jaya Bohlmann

Jaya Bohlmann

Jaya Bohlmann

Corporate Communications Expert, Senior Success Mentor

MORETALENT™, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based corporate strategy firm, announces the onboarding of Jaya Koilpillai in the role of Executive Success Mentor for the organization.

Jaya s a communication and organization development executive and success expert with more than 20 years’ experience working in-house and as a consultant. She has an award-winning portfolio of successes with global Fortune 500 companies, associations, nonprofits and consulting firms.

Jaya has a solid foundation of high-level public relations and corporate management – she creates and implements strategies for organizations to evaluate and respond to key stakeholders. Building on that, she focuses on the people side of the profession, providing consulting for organizational culture, teams, leadership and how to build effective structures. She provides individual career and professional coaching, corporate consulting, recruitment and career services. She authored the book This Changes Everything: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out, which features her proprietary five-stage change model.

Oliver Degnan, President and CEO of MORETALENT™ Corporation had this to say…

“Jaya is an expert in corporate communication and leadership development. Her unwavering pursuit in corporate success provides our clients with an unfair advantage to achieving their strategic corporate objectives and executive career goals. I am excited to welcome Jaya to the MoreTalent family of success experts.”


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