Deb Milimaka-Mlles

Deb Milimaka Miles

Deb Milimaka-Mlles

Senior Executive Coach, Previously Foxconn, Human Resources Executive

MORETALENT™, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based corporate strategy firm, announces the onboarding of Deb Milimaka Miles in the role of Executive Leadership Success Expert for the organization. Deb makes her home in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Currently the COO for Universal Women’s Network™, she is a corporate professional with over 30 years of management and consulting experience worldwide. She is especially focused on the idea that it is leadership and the proper play of command and control that drives the transformation of business culture and enterprise in today’s fast track entrepreneurial activity. Over the wide birth of her career experience, Deb has worked in the Financial, CPG, Technology and Cannabis verticals for both public and private, national and international companies. These include organizations like SMART Technologies, Aguila Convergence Worldwide, Foxconn, Loblaws, The Odella Group, Future Shop, Hudson’s Bay, National Trust, Scotiabank and BMO and most recently, Harvest One in Vancouver, Canada.

Her experience proffers a wealth of hands-on work in guiding corporations through periods of global transformation, acquisition, and assisting them in successfully adapting to ever changing environments. Deb is a Certified Trained Facilitator in The Leadership Challenge and a Personal Resilience Practitioner. Her educational background includes attendance at the University of Alberta in Business / Commerce as well as 10 other industry certifications. In 2019, Deb was recognized as a recipient of the Women of Inspiration™ Award in Canadian industry for supporting women in leadership. Those who receive the honor are true pathfinders who lead, inspire, and motivate others to be all that they can be. They are role models who take the road less traveled and pave the road for others to follow, speaking out to make change locally, nationally, and globally. The catalyst for the success Deb has achieved lies in her own words…

“This has made me realize that as individuals we need to believe in ourselves and that for which we stand, making the decision about the impact we want to achieve in the time we are given.”

Oliver Degnan, President and CEO of MORETALENT™ Corporation had this to say…

“The opportunity to add Deb Milimaka Miles to the talent bank of MoreTalent™ Success Experts will help us to be more available in meeting the needs of our clients in a very productive way, helping them to reach the full measure of their talent to be contributors in the companies for which they have become a part.”


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