Becky Mills

MORETALENT™, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based corporate strategy firm, announces the onboarding of Becky S. Mills in the role of Executive Leadership Coach for the organization.

Becky resides in Peoria IL and is the owner of B. Mills & Associates, LLC, a management consulting firm focused on doing what it takes to transform leaders to be more engaged in staying ahead of, and motivating those who follow their initiative. She believes in providing in an interactive and compelling leadership style in her own work that spurs individuals to willingly give 110% of their effort in loyalty with the enterprise talents they bring to the table.

Becky also serves in the role as Managing Director of the Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Bradley University in Peoria, a position in addition to Instructor in the Management & Leadership department of the Foster College of Business where she specializing in leadership, organizational change, emotional intelligence, and business motivation.

A transparent and straightforward communicator in her own right, Becky understands the elements of being accountable, empowered, and understands that being an exemplary leader is a talent developed and not just inherited. She has been the owner of a successful boutique marketing firm as well as being appointed Chief Marketing Officer for a major non-profit organization within the State of Illinois.

She earned an MBA degree from Bradley University with her undergraduate work focused on business administration at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana. Asking Becky about her own philosophy will bring on the same answer every time: “Wanting to make a difference in the lives of the people she connects each day.”

She will consistently reflect on the two mission goals that really matter for her – what do I need to accomplish – and – what will I do to get that done? Integrity, service, and knowledge are each a common denominator that weave the thread of her daily interaction with anyone she encounters. A devotee of all things “Enterprise” (the starship, of course) she will tell you that each day is a gift and must be engaged from within. As Captain Jean Luc Picard would say: “Make it so.”

Oliver Degnan, President and CEO of MORETALENT™ Corporation had this to say…

“Becky’s background in education and entrepreneurship will enhance the depth of action our clients experience when they work with her. She is competent, qualified, and most of all she understands what it takes to develop and expand a career.”


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