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The MoreTalent™ Method

We have developed a 3-step agile process to quickly add new measurable impact to the company’s bottom line by putting a business metric at the forefront of our innovation discovery and throughout our lean and agile implementation cycles. Our unique innovation framework defines what success looks like upfront and enables the joint customer implementation teams to speak the language of business impact to deliver the expected business outcome and technology experience.
As part of our method to quickly innovate, we always add seasoned executives to each implementation to improve the odds of success fundamentally and retain intense focus on the organization’s business model to deliver new value to their customers continuously.


STEP ONE. Immerse into the companies business model and organizational architecture and look for new and untapped opportunities to improve the selected business impact metric. We define what success should look like and how the expected business outcome is measured.

STEP TWO. Quickly build a prototype and engage the organization and its customers to validate expected business outcome. Design the solution implementation plan.

STEP THREE. Convert prototype to a secure, scalable, and performing solution. Instill the language of business into the joint engineering teams and release new value iteratively until project completion. Collect data and report back the metric-based business impact and outcome to the bottom line.

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Leading with strategic clarity™

Deeply embedded in everything we do is our unique and proven method to lead organizations with clarity on the business strategy and how customer value is delivered sustainably.

The essence of any innovative organization is its leader’s ability to instill into the organization’s DNA continually the core values and how each employee is perfectly positioned to make a positive impact today.

We have captured and bundled our unique leadership method into a comprehensive 2-days workshop to enable other companies to quickly benefit from our expertise and experience in proven executive leadership to drive successful corporate profitability and talent retention.

Workshop participants will be able to leverage our Executive Recipes and Toolkits to manifest stronger strategic relationships with their executive peers and their direct reports. Participants will have improved views on productive communication and how to spark and let unfold much needed organizational dialog amongst teams to instill clarity on business strategy and customer objectives for the extended benefit of corporate profitability and sustainable customer innovation.

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Stable IT Administration

Stable IT administration is essential to the availability of critical systems in an organization. 

We enable organizations with stable and uninterrupted IT administrative leadership to increase IT success, financial sustainability, and IT employee retention.

Our executive IT leaders are proven experts in leading complex and any-size IT organization and – as part of the administrative team – work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.

All of our executive leaders have a proven track record of successfully administering IT organizations with an educational level of an MBA or a DBA.

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