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We provide exceptional coaching for company leaders (directors, vice presidents, and c-suite) to create a strong foundation for involved executive behavior and leadership capability with a goal towards strategic clarity on all aspects of the business strategy, organizational culture, and customer relationships. Executive coaching can be conducted on the premise of achieving maximum personal and organizational success and on the premise of positioning the executive for impact towards a particular target outcome. Our executive coaches are proven industry leaders in their respective field and have a demonstrated track record of success in leading organizations through complex change and increase corporate profitability.

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Disclaimer: All of our coaching sessions are confidential between the coachee and the coach and are not a substitute for mental and behavioral health treatment.


It is no longer enough for most employees to "just do a job." The general expectation by business leadership is that all employees can engage with customers and partners on the premise of speaking the language of their business. Unfortunately, many employees are uncomfortable and unable to carry an impactful dialog with customers and business partners on matters of delivering customer value and the key activities required to execute the business strategy successfully. We have a unique method to instill quickly the ability for employees to converse on the premise of business impact and customer value to seek out new opportunities to innovate and add more value to the organization and product portfolio continuously.


Top talent is hard to find and even harder to retain. An excellent new job start is often the key indicator of increased employee retention and a rewarding job experience. Meeting both the supervisors and the employees' expectations during the startup period in a new job is critical for successful new job placement and employee retention. We help new employees to a great start in their new careers. Our cost-effective job placement coaching supports companies to ensure their new hires immerse quickly into the cultural DNA and enjoy a smooth start connecting with peers and supervisors successfully within the first 30 to 60 days.

Business strategy


We help you take the rights steps to own your industry

We have a world-class team of strategists and industry experts in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and software product innovation. Collaboratively, we produce an impactful and measurable new business strategy to connect with new markets, increase efficiency and regulatory compliance, and add new value to the company's bottom line.

Our unique (and patent-pending) Metric-Centric Innovation Framework puts the definition of what success looks like on the bottom line upfront in search of adequate and sustainable strategies. Our unique approach always begins with the expected financial outcome to the bottom line and the impact on the business and customer base.

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We provide a unique framework to innovate your current product offerings

We partner with product offering teams to create a comprehensive and impactful product and technology strategy to meet increasing customer demand and grow new sales quickly in a competitive market.

We do so by leveraging our unique (and patent-pending) Metric-Centric Innovation Framework to guide the product strategy in staging customer and financial impact in preparation for rapid and agile new product release.

Throughout the strategy formulation, we validate our assumptions with real customers and conduct a competitive market analysis to measure proper investment readiness for market impact. Our world-class product and solution architects produce a cost-conscious technology strategy in support of planned and anticipated market growth and consumer adoption, following industry trends in technology (e.g., artificial intelligence, cloud computing, service orientation).

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Product strategy


What is the MoreTalent Method?

A metric-centric framework to quickly innovate on the premise of measurable business impact.

Why is your Leadership Workshop Better?

We took out the boring academics of the workshop material and provide real-world proven methods, viewpoints and toolkits for executives be a more effective and strategic leader today.

Why is MoreTalent Method Faster?

We define financial impact upfront. Once we achieve traction on the defined business metric, we are done. Versus the traditional method to build stuff off of a product backlog.

What are the objectives of the Workshop?

Our workshops are designed to help you lead your corporate strategy with clarity and enable your organization to leverage you as a competitive differentiator.

How does customer Satisfaction work?

We immerse the customer during the prototyping of a solution and gather data (e.g. Net Promoter Score) to ensure we produce a delightful customer experience – aside from intensely focusing on the business impact metric design.

Why do I need leadership continuity?

Not all organizations can provide a long-term home to a career executive. When they leave, the disruption to the business and the employees has a [lasting] negative impact. We provide a service to prevent that and we remain committed to managing each IT employee’s career forward in the organization to increase top talent retention.

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