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Together, we define optimal impact into your business bottom-line. We implement Metric-centric design to define your success.


Accelerate your customer impact with our shared-risk innovation framework to quickly add new value to your bottom line


Quickly master how to Lead with strategic clarity™ and build effective alliances with peers, employees, and customers


Leadership disruption is expensive to your bottom line and employee culture. We offer interruption-free executive leadership

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Executive Innovation

We have developed a 3-step agile process to quickly add new measurable impact. We focus on the company’s bottom line by putting business metrics at the forefront of our innovation discovery throughout our lean and agile implementation cycles. Our unique innovation framework defines what success looks like upfront and enables the joint customer implementation teams to speak the language of business impact to deliver the expected business outcome and technology experience.

As part of our method to quickly innovate, we always add seasoned executives to each implementation to improve the odds of success fundamentally and retain intense focus on the organization’s business model to deliver new value to their customers continuously.

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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Everything I have learned in this course is applicable immediately in my job!

Charles Mulwa Director Data Management and Operations, IBM Watson Health
Customer Testimonails

The Executive Recipes are amazing! I am using them daily to help my team be successful.

Mason Hensley VP Technology & Chief Security Officer, Vivante Health
Customer Testimonails

“After taking the workshop myself, I sent my direct-reports too. As a result of this workshop, we are a very effective team today!”

Jeremiah Ladd VP, Software Engineering, LeadMD


What is the MoreTalent Method?

A metric-centric framework to quickly innovate on the premise of measurable business impact.

Why is your Leadership Workshop Better?

We took out the boring academics of the workshop material and provide real-world proven methods, viewpoints and toolkits for executives be a more effective and strategic leader today.

Why is MoreTalent Method Faster?

We define financial impact upfront. Once we achieve traction on the defined business metric, we are done. Versus the traditional method to build stuff off of a product backlog.

What are the objectives of the Workshop?

Our workshops are designed to help you lead your corporate strategy with clarity and enable your organization to leverage you as a competitive differentiator.

How does customer Satisfaction work?

We immerse the customer during the prototyping of a solution and gather data (e.g. Net Promoter Score) to ensure we produce a delightful customer experience – aside from intensely focusing on the business impact metric design.

Why do I need leadership continuity?

Not all organizations can provide a long-term home to a career executive. When they leave, the disruption to the business and the employees has a [lasting] negative impact. We provide a service to prevent that and we remain committed to managing each IT employee’s career forward in the organization to increase top talent retention.

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