Strategic Leaders Are Not Born.
They Are Developed.


Oliver Degnan, Founder & CEO

Artificial Intelligence Innovation

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Executive Leadership
Is there excitement and enthusiasm among the members of your team for what the company does or is morale mediocre at best?
You and your company are willing to take risks to be cutting edge or everyone just plays it safe?
Is it the habit in your company for permission always to be asked first or do you and your team take charge and get done?
Do you see competitors growing in organization and market share and wonder why not you?
Is the Unique Value Proposition of your organization below par with the deliverables of your competition?
If key employees are leaving, is it because your strategy is unexceptional?
Does your company have a standard to recognize and incubate its talent?
Are key employees regularly challenged and do promotions come with a sense of urgency?
Employees need to know that they are growing skills and building a career. Does your staff fit this profile?


We help you develop strategic clarity to increase your leadership impact and corporate profitability.

When your leadership is accountable and pro-active, it will develop into measurable bottom line results, product innovation, and company sustainability

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Facing Criticism

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Everything I have learned in this course is applicable immediately in my job!

Charles Mulwa Director Data Management and Operations, IBM Watson Health
Customer Testimonails

The Executive Recipes are amazing! I am using them daily to help my team be successful.

Mason Hensley VP Technology & Chief Security Officer, Vivante Health
Customer Testimonails

After taking the workshop myself, I sent my direct-reports too. As a result of this workshop, we are a very effective team today!

Jeremiah Ladd VP, Software Engineering, LeadMD

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