Strategy Formulation

Employee Performance

Employee performance is not by accident and can not be achieved by hiring high-achievers only. Prior research shows that engaging too many high-achievers can negatively affect parts of the organization (usually in operations) and demoralize critical employees. The MoreTalent approach to sustainable employee performance focuses on the balance between teams and project initiatives. We do that in two parts: (1) we assist the new employee in managing new priorities in a balanced format to produce early successful results, and (2) assist managers in developing new knowledge on effective team formation and communication.
Our unique method provides the employee with professional advice and guidance to manage priorities precisely and effectively with a high chance for success. We focus on early wins and the celebration of tiny but meaningful accomplishments. Because of that, we often achieve close to 100% (aka expected top) employee performance for new hires in the first 45-60 days.

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