Advanced Hires Partners with MoreTalent™ to Deliver a Breakthrough Service to Attract and Retain Top Talent

–Professionals are flocking to Advanced Hires for the chance to receive
paid world-class executive career coaching—

Milwaukee, WI—Talent acquisition and professional placement firm Advanced Hires, located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, is partnering with the corporate strategy firm MoreTalent™ to offer New Placement Coaching with every new hire. Advanced Hires largely places individuals in direct hire positions, primarily in information technology jobs, along with offering full placement services for all professional positions. This is the first time that a Recruiting & Placement firm is offering New Placement Coaching as part of its standard placement services with every new hire at every level, at no additional cost to the client, and applies to every client including those with retained or contingency agreements in place. This unique service is built upon the innovative method for increasing top talent attraction and retention MoreTalent™ has pioneered. The service gives the clients of Advanced Hires a competitive advantage by providing the highest level of executive coaching to newly placed employees, delivered by proven executive leaders with world-class expertise in leading complex organizations and increasing top talent attraction and retention for some of the most innovative Fortune 100 companies.

“It’s advantageous and beneficial to the candidate and the employer that they have a strong, successful, and positive start. With the guidance and coaching MoreTalent offers, that is happening,” said Kevin Scholz, CEO of Advanced Hires. “By adding New Placement Coaching to our services, we are giving our candidates every possible tool to be successful. I’m thrilled we are able to bring MoreTalent’s innovation around attraction and retention to our customers, which is added at no additional cost or fee percentage than our standard fee in place since the start.”

New Placement Coaching provides companies with comprehensive support when onboarding new employees. Once an individual is placed, they work closely with MoreTalent™ executive coaches to seamlessly transition into their new role in a way that maximizes performance, builds positive team relationships from the start, and overcomes the stresses of job or career transition. A range of topics are addressed from building successful and positive relationships with new supervisors and peers, to quickly learning to navigate a new complex corporate environment, and to positively overcome job change stress – all to maximize performance. MoreTalent’s™ unique coaching method focuses each new candidate on what success looks like for them at their new employer. Together, MoreTalent™ and Advanced Hires, are promoting a healthy and rewarding new job experience.

“Advanced Hires already has the best recruitment tools available. Now, by adding New Placement Coaching, their commitment to giving individuals a solid career start is unmatched in the greater Milwaukee area,” said Oliver Degnan, President and CEO of MoreTalent™ Corporation “They truly believe in the success of the people they are placing. No other company is offering this level of service. With this partnership, MoreTalent is adding another facet to our corporate strategy portfolio.”

 “We found the New Placement Coaching provided by MoreTalent, included with Advanced Hires services, to be a game-changer for our newly hired employees,” said Kris Axberg, CEO of iStream Financial Services. “The support our new team members received was exceptional. There is always an adjustment period when joining a firm. The coaching provided was instrumental in helping our new team members acclimate to our culture and further define their role on the team.”

Advanced Hires provides direct placements, contracts-to-hire, and project placement services for any IT role from Help Desk to the CIO and everything in-between. Advanced Hires also provides direct placement services for many non-IT positions. The team at Advanced Hires have placed and have overseen thousands of highly successful placements, earning trust and testimonials from clients of all sizes throughout the Midwest from small companies to Fortune 500 Companies. Although they are a full-service staffing company and can recruit for any position, their main focus is on permanent IT roles. For more information, go to

Advanced Hires is a cause driven organization that prides itself on positively impacting the community beyond the lives of IT professionals. Some examples of the company’s charitable work include: The National Center for Women and Information Technology, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee Area Technical College, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Advanced Hires’ CEO was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Wisconsin Department of Health State Autism Council.

MoreTalent™ partners with organizations and its executive leaders to develop measurable business and technology strategies that will impact key metrics and increase the corporate competitive edge in the marketplace. MoreTalent™ was founded in spring of 2018 and is jointly headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and El Paso, Texas. For more information go to

Registration is now open for the upcoming workshop Leading with Strategic Clarity™, November 19 and 20 at the Wisconsin Club. This two-day workshop is presented by executives for executives to learn about improving corporate profitability and aligning corporate culture with competitive innovative thinking. In addition to MoreTalent™ leadership, presenters will include Allan Klotsche, President and CEO of National Business Furniture, and Jackie Fredrick, past BloodCenter of Wisconsin CEO. To register for the upcoming workshop, Leading with Strategic Clarity™, November 19 and 20, go to

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