"Lets help companies to innovate much faster!"

MoreTalentâ„¢ was founded in early 2018 by Oliver Degnan to help companies quickly innovate on the premise of measurable impact to their bottom line.
We have developed a unique innovation framework that defines what success looks like upfront and always puts the bottom line indicators (aka metrics, scores, targets, KPIs) to the forefront of rapid technology innovation. The MoreTalent Innovation Framework enables organizations to ensure all employees speak the language of business and accelerate and harden the company’s business model to cost-effectively deliver new purposeful and measurable business impact today.
As part of our unique innovation framework, we have deeply embedded world-class executive leadership coaching during all of our joint-customer implementations to improve the organizational DNA of innovation fundamentally and improve the odds of sustainable success.
We are masters in healthcare innovation, legal innovation, and electronic manufacturing, and our customers benefit continuously from our experienced world-class executive and engineering talent with a proven track record of innovation success.