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About MoreTalent

Invest in your competitive advantage

We help companies build and retain top leadership talent.

Our industry experience and unique coaching method enable executive leaders to achieve strategic goals and specific outcomes with absolute clarity.

Our executive coaches have worked with hundreds of companies, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies to help lead complex change and increase corporate profitability.

"We don't pride ourselves by how many coaches we have. We seek satisfaction in the quality and impact on our customer's bottom line and their workforce career experience."

~Oliver Degnan, Founder & President, MoreTalent

Meet Our Team


Oliver Degnan

Founder and CEO

Visionary leader with extensive experience in healthcare administration and commercial healthcare product innovation. Holder of multiple technology patents and author of the executive leadership workshop series Leading with strategic clarity®

Bill Mitchell

Dr. Bill Mitchell

Chief Business Development Officer

Bill is known for his success in helping develop organizations with value-based cultures through exceptionable strategic planning. He is an executive leadership coach with over 25 years experience in business leadership and business growth strategy.

Adam Wickersham, MBA

Adam Wickersham, MBA

Director, UWM Executive MBA Program

Adam has over 25 years of municipal, state and federal government management experience as well as corporate and non-profit leadership roles. A serial entrepreneur, his companies have averaged 17x ROI for investors and he has worked in 17 countries.

Mark Cribb

Mark Cribb

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced technology executive with a proven history of optimizing investment, innovation, and alignment with business objectives. Skilled in Executive Management, IT Strategy, and focused on cultivating high-performing teams. Co-inventor of the Metric-Centric Innovation Framework to drastically increase the pace of technology innovation.


Robert Weidner

Dean Of Optum Tech University

Robert Weidner has over 20 years of experience in adaptive product development, leading large-scale organizational redesign to promote business agility. During this time, he's helped numerous companies — from startups to the Fortune 5 — implement customer-centric software development practices. From training to executive coaching, Robert has worked with hundreds of Product Teams to remove waste and optimize flow.

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